This site is part of Compliance Consultant, which is a trading style of “The Fastest Growing Alternative Compliance Consultancy in the UK”

We provide remedial compliance to all manner and size of regulated financial entity from small IFAs to FTSE 100 companies. Please see our main site for details and case studies. http://www.complianceconsultant.org

Specialists in risk and compliance management and operational risk planning, ICAAP preparation, risk framework identification and design as well as governance planning and execution. Compliance Consultant operate predominantly in discrete environments under non-disclosure agreements for most risk and regulatory compliance consultancy work.

We work under all regimes such as the Financial Conduct Authority [FCA], Prudential Regulatory Authority [PRA] (both previously FSA) as well as the Information Commissioners Office [ICO] and other regulators.
Compliance Consultant can assist you with all types of risk management systems, risk and information systems, risk management design and practice as well as strategic and corporate risk management systems and protocols.

Please call 0207 097 1434 for details.